The Bettelu Letters
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“Something has gone wrong in this organization. I came, searching for God but my disillusionment was so great that my spiritual ideals are disturbed.”

The Bettelu Letters were written by an 18 year old girl who was temporarily living at Mt. Washington Estates (hereafter called MW) along with her mother. She and her mother (Evabrook Miller) had been invited to MW by Swami Yogananda late in 1937. Bettelu’s letters start with the sentences quoted above and she goes on to describe in reticent detail Yogananda’s behavior with her.

All three handwritten letters are addressed to the nominal head of MW, Sri Nerode. These letters are placed here without comment or interpretation. Please note that Evabrook’s 1966 letter is presented in its entirety only in handwritten form (I truncated her transcribed letter).