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Sanskrit IAST

Sanskrit IAST List       Sanskrit Flash Cards           Numerical Sequence

These PDF and docx files are presented here for your enjoyment and use.

The first is from the MS Word listing in special symbols of the special Sanskrit symbols and codes that comprise the alphabet.

The second is presented so that you may print the sheets back to back creating flash cards the size of MS’s blank template for business cards. (My printer requires that I print “on the short side” so that the single double-sided sheet is flippable.)

I am not an expert in Sanskrit. Please search for expertise, if you need any.


Sanskrit IAST List     Sanskrit Flash Cards      Blank Business Card Template   Numerical Sequence

Word version of Sanskrit IAST Codes Numerically Sequenced

Word version of Sanskrit flash cards 10-30-2021 from IAST list.docx

Word version of Blank Business Card Template