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July 3 - 1966

Dear friends - the Nerodes —

Betty and I always feel so happy when we hear from you — we believe you to be our true friends — you proved that when you helped us to get out of Swami's clutches.

We hope your year '66 is bringing you all you desire.

Betty's children — . . .

No, Betty wasn't well — her age and so much responsibility, but she is much better now . . . Yes, she says if she had the time she would do some Yoga exercise.

I just can't believe that Anil can be a man, married & having a nine year old son and now a new son of tender age! I'd love to see a picture of all of you. Surely you have had Kodak pictures taken. If you don't have any extras, couldn't you send some for us to see, and return to you?  

You say you've changed your teaching — how's that?  

You ask about . . . is still a widow, as is Betty. Neither of them married again, both beautiful and sensible women.  

I didn't know you were that old! (78) you never showed your age when we knew you. So are we all aging . . .

. . .

Betty and I have both been thinking about [Ranendra Kumar] Das lately. Do you know where he is now? I'd like to have his address. So would Betty. My writing has been terrible since I had that light stroke.

I told you didn't I, how Swami had shrunk to the size of a small child, when he died? Not wrinkled at all either. I understood he was never put in the ground — a place was supposed to have been built to hold his body, on the premises at Mt. Washington. Don’t know if it was done or not. Was there some kind of a preservative used to keep him?

. . .

Well I hope Mrs. Nerode keeps well. Did you say she is working at the University?

Must stop now, my writing is getting so bad! Do write again soon and — how about a picture to let us see you lovely friends. Will return it safely. I'll see what we can do for you in the same way.

Think about you very often —

Please let's not lose each other while we still are permitted life. Love from both of us to you and Agnes. Always good friends!

Evabrook Miller & Bettelu . . .