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I specialize in republishing works of spiritual significance to previous generations.

These include biographies of Dr. Phineas F Bresee (founder of the Church of the Nazarene) as well as the yogi Sri Nerode.


Some of these works are available for free PDF download here and at Glimpses.

The 2nd edition of American Yogi Christ Sri Nerode: Restoring His Long-Lost Teachings from the Inner Culture East-West Magazine, is now available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle.

Including new material that further illumines Nerode’s vast love for humanity and Yoganandaji, it also contemplates the real meaning of Yoganandaji’s blessing of the Nerodes’ marriage.

Don Castellano-Hoyt

The fifth law of right thinking

Think over your problems with God, so that you do not think alone . . . . Think with the Thinker who has given you the power to think, in order that your thoughts shall forever partake of the divine wisdom.

Science of Right Thinking. April 1936, Inner Culture East-West Magazine, p. 2, Sri Nerode